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Here's just 3 of the many reasons to choose this USMC Combat Veteran Owned Business as Your Advertising, Marketing or Web Development company for your business.

Google Partner

We are a Google Partner with the industries lowest fees, also known as tech tax.  While the average tech tax is 55%, meaning 55% of your advertising dollar not actually showing ads but going to marketing company profits and overhead, ours is only 15%.  While some Google Partners outsource their campaign fulfillment, the people actually working on your campaigns, we keep it all in house with our Google Certified team. Our specializations that Google has identified for us are Mobile and Search.

Google Partner Kill Your Competition 

Advertising Agency


We don't specialize in one type of media, we specialize in having expertise in all media from social media, TV, cable TV, radio, digital, programmatic, OTT and video, and more.  We understand the impact, relationship and optimization opportunities each of them can create and build upon to drive down your advertising costs and increase yours leads, sale or appointments and brand awareness and preference.  We are longtime comScore subscribers which means we are connected and gathering media viewing data in 1 of every 

6 homes, in every zip code with an Experian Household Match and Polk Automotive Data.  This means in addition to age, gender and ethnicity, we have verifiable data from household income, household composition by number of adults and even children by age, type of household, car purchase planning, affinity and much more.

There is no disconnect or customer journey micro moment loss at any step of the way to delivering you the best results absolutely possible.

More Than Marketing 

Philanthropy by Kill Your Competition in 2017We are an advertising, marketing and web development company on a mission.   In 2017, we gave back almost $12,000 in financial donations alone to nonprofits and participated in giving back to our local community and provided humanitarian aid to widows, orphans and the poor in Livingstone, Zambia.  

In 2018, while we will maintain supporting some of the same nonprofits and increasing our efforts.  We hope to grow our business enough that we may fund permanent housing for homeless veterans and families with children.  

We still maintain true to offering Veteran, Military and First Responder owned businesses the lowest prices available. 

Click here if you would like to learn more about our More Than Marketing philosophy and philanthropy that motivates us to work hard, more effectively and affordably.

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About Kill Your Competition® and How It Came To Be...

Although Kill Your Competition appears to have a short history, we actually started with 2 other company names before starting Kill Your Competition.

 First on the board was Media Evolution LLC. With Media Evolution we wanted to portray our constant evolution of both media and technology. Shortly after we opened another business that we wanted to focus on helping Veteran and Military based Businesses. This worked great when we were mainly operating in military towns such as Colorado Springs, CO and Southern California. 

However upon moving to Orlando, FL we quickly realized not everybody knew what a Devil Dog was. The misconceptions are a lunch box treat to Satan worshippers, neither of which couldn't be further from the truth. A Devil Dog is a United States Marine!  We are a Marine Corps Veteran run business. Even though we wanted to keep the name it seemed more reasonable for us to change our name. This led us to opening our second business that embodied the Military Background without any misconception.  

Out of this, Kill Your Competition® was born! Why you ask? We want you to Kill Your Competition, we want to make you so successful that your competition will fall! We want you to be so successful that you kill off the competition by being the best you can and making you show up on internet searches before they do, to have more memorable advertising than they do, to help you dominate in your field of expertise! 

We love helping everybody but we are most passionate helping Veteran, Military and First Responder owned businesses and those who love and support them as much as we do. At Kill Your Competition® we know what sacrifice is, our owner is a United States Marine Corps Veteran serving two tours in Iraq and Training Marines in Combat Marksmanship Training. With that said we know how to hit our target! We want you to hit yours as well! So with our training in our fields of expertise and your expertise in your field why don’t we Kill Your Competition TOGETHER!

If you would like to Kill Your Competition Today… Then click the link below and lets get to work!

Semper Fidelis!
Jason Reyna!