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About KillYourCompetition.Today

Kill Your Competition was inspired as the ultimate web design, search engine optimization and marketing, advertising and marketing agency that would empower local businesses to compete with and take market share from the large businesses, locally, regionally and nationally, through total transparency, cutting edge technology, extensive research and superior implementation.

Big Results, Not Big Ego!

We don’t want to be the big ego web design and advertising agency with the big national clients that everyone already knows and can’t do what local businesses can. If everyone knows the big guy, how hard it is really to advertise successfully for them anyways? It’s not. We don’t use fancy buzzwords; we’ll speak to you in English. We won’t tell you that Google is out to steal your soul, and we site all our SEO methodologies from Google, not a 3rd party. We are the proven, cutting edge leader in our industry through our marketing, advertising and web design tactics and implementation.




Effective and cost efficient advertising and media placement to increase your customers and sales without increasing your budget.



Every market has an influx of new residents and media habit changes, so you need current research studies from trusted firms with sample sizes that you can trust.



Geographic, demographic, contextual, behavioral, categorical, lifestyle, placement, interest, keyword and topical targeting with live time bidding.



Creative, unique, cutting edge, secure, higher level responsive design websites created with Cold Fusion or DotNetNuke®, an easy to edit content management system.

Honesty is Our Badge of Integrity

We’ll tell you what is really working and what’s just taking an unearned, monthly paycheck from your business. We don’t do what is comfortable, easy, fits your habits or ours, and not because we have a friend who sells advertising. Nothing makes us cringe more than hearing someone who is entrusted with marketing and advertising someone’s business to hear that they made a marketing decision not because it was the right place or message, but because they lacked the courage to educate and be honest enough with the person who put their faith in them to do the right things and spend their money the right way. A doctor wouldn’t give you a band aid because you liked the pattern when you need a life saving surgery because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings or wants to make you feel happy and comfortable. In the same way, you can count on us to be honest with you and do what is right for your business because we hold ourselves to a higher standard of integrity.

Greater Responsibility

Instead of saying, "Mr. Advertiser, we sent you the leads, you’re on your own now!”,

you now have the opportunity to have assistance through the entire marketing funnel. We offer business consulting and services for lead tracking, customer service, internal sales, sales, social media for employees that would benefit such as sales and upper management, quality control and reputation management. This means if you’re getting great leads, we can help you convert more of them to paying customers, with excellent word of mouth and online referrals, the largest reach of word of mouth advertising.

Sunrise Or Sunset

We are not an order taker. We are a money maker. We live to create incredible business growth for our clients, so naturally we are looking to partner with businesses who want to see exceptional growth. If you’re someone who just wants to coast the next few years and retire, then we truly are not the web design, marketing and advertising agency for you because it will conflict with our core passion and purpose of creating sustainable, incremental growth.

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