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Cookies for Cops is now Cupcakes for Cops

Cupcakes for Cops Kill Your CompetitionOn New Year's Eve, my husband smoked brisket and pulled pork for 12 hours in a log smoker. I cooked baked beans with bacon, creamed corn, steamed corn, and bought some buns and coleslaw.

After letting the meat rest, something meat smokers will understand, we brought it to the Detention Center in Pasco County off of 41 in Land o Lakes where we have recently moved. It was a shift change, and my husband, a Marine, and I were surprised that no one asked us what we were doing, where we were going or if they could help as we trucked our 3 kids, stacked piles of food covered in towels and some beans running down my leg.

We finally asked someone for help once inside and told them why we were there. A deputy was nice enough to go get a large cart and get it all. We weren't sure if they were even going to keep it, as there were signs saying no food allowed in the lobby.

Later that day, we saw this post.

It's not that they didn't care, it's that this was the last thing they expected, especially considering the location and the current climate around our law enforcement. We realized that this was not ok with us. They should not be of the expectation that people in our communities do not love and appreciate them. We wanted to find more opportunities to do more.

Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Kill Your Competition

How Cookies for Cops Idea was Born.

After talking with 2 of my friend's last week, one who has a new Daisy troop and a husband who is a firefighter, and the other whose husband worked for the recently slain Orlando Police Master Sgt. Debra Clayton, I came up with the idea for Cookies for Cops.

Although I personally hated doing Girl Scouts as a kid, because I thought everything my brother was doing in Boy Scouts was so much cooler, I have never had a problem with the program. We have bought cookies and popcorn and often gave them away. This was just another way, using the skills I have to help support the sale of cookies for Girl Scouts and also show some love for our First Responders.

How was it going to work?

We read on the GSA website that people do sell them online, but they urged people to be cautious when buying on places like Amazon, eBay, Craiglist, etc. because they cannot guarantee the fulfillment or quality.

We know you cannot resell them. This meant that we could not buy them ahead of time, and then sell them. The troops we worked with would be paid as soon as we received the orders each week.

We wanted to partner with multiple troops to facilitate inventory issues that may arise and also to support more troops and first responder locations.

Our business would cover all online fees for every sale so the scouts received the proper payment and residents would not pay more. If 1000 boxes were individually ordered to be donated, the cost to Kill Your Competition® would be $330. We would also cover all advertising and PR. We would also personally deliver them to any first responder location from Tampa to Orlando with their messages of encouragement from those who signed up to donate their boxes.

It was a hit with everyone but a few people in the Girl Scout councils.

A few members from 2 different local Girl Scout Counsels were vehemently against the concept and practice of Cookies for Cops.  They warned troops who were involved of the consequences should they continue, called the news stations who covered the story promoting Cookies for Cops and had them pull the stories. They called us as well, and were not willing to work with us despite the steps we had taken and the transparency we had.


Truly, there is no logical reason or legitimate explanation.

They didn't think of the positive regarding cookie sales and the positive impact it could have on their troops who only get a fractional percent of the profits and the majority of the profits would go to the council.  They most definitely did not consider the law enforcement officers who would have received messages of thanks and appreciation with a box of Girl Scout cookies.  The only partner the same Girl Scout Counsels were supportive of was UberEats where every sale of Girl Scounts was made at a profit by Uber, despite their open statement that no one should make a profit on Girl Scout Cookies. 

So what will we as a business and family do?

cupcakes for cops logo facebook kill your competitionThe exact same thing we have done before this. We will continue to buy food and donate it to our local law enforcement and first responders. We will still encourage others to support businesses who support law enforcement.  We are doing this through our new channel, Cupcakes for Cops.

What's an example of this and how can I do it?

Buy or make cupcakes to deliver them. Make a casserole and drop it off. Buy $5 gift cards to quick service restaurants or coffee shops. Donate tickets to a local event for them to take their families. Most law enforcement and fire stations do have a "value limit" as to the price of a gift (usually under $10-15), so check with them what their limit is.

We have updated our Facebook page from Cookies for Cops to Cupcakes for Cops as well.  Follow us there for tips, ideas and ways you or your business can show love and support to our Police, Sheriff, Highway Patrol, State Patrol and Firefighters.  

If you would like your business to be featured on this Facebook page or would like Free PR to your local media outlets to promote your event that benefits and supports our First Responders, please fill out our Contact Form and we will respond to you within 1 business day.

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