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Frequently Asked Questions

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Whether it's on air or online marketing, to be a client for lead gen, you need to have a minimum marketing budget of $3500/month.

Depends on your goal and market, which impacts your strategy and spend. We will be straightforward with you about expectations.

$3500 if you're a referral with a plan to grow your business and scale. $5000 for anyone that has not been referred by a current client.

Yes, depending on the market size and the ambition and ability of the client to grow.

If a client has the capacity and plan to serve a continually growing number of clients, customers or patients in their market and has a budget that will scale throughout the year for growth there is category exclusivity.

If a client has the capacity to only serve a small number of clients, customers or patients and has a small budget that will not allow for growth but just a continued stream of steady leads, customers or sales there may be up to 1-2 others.

The short answer is no! We prefer transparency about what we use, why we use it and remove the conflict of interest, ensuring we only recommend the products that best serve you.

Many of these "partner" programs pass themselves off as "passive income" because agencies and digital marketing companies can white label or mark up your retail cost as a way to nickel and dime their "valued" customers.

$3500 if you're a referral with a plan to grow your business and scale. $5000 for anyone that has not been referred by a current client.

Only for agencies and digital marketing companies who need a trusted partner to create, optimize and report on SEO, ads on Google Ads, Waze, TikTok, Pinterest, OTT, Pandora or more.

This allows them to get all the credit and glory while maintaining a significantly higher quality of fulfillment and response times than they would from internal staff or offshore labor.

Just because you choose to make the switch to KYC, does not mean you automatically have to get a new website. Some people have great websites, great SEO and ROI. Sometimes all you needed was a new website, because your marketing is fine, but your website makes customers run as far and fast as possible.

Do you want a template with minor changes or a genuine, from scratch, custom code / design that no one else can buy?

That, atypical custom integrations (outside the usual ones with CRM's, Strype and tags) the number of pages usually is what impacts the price the most.

Most websites are $4500 - $7300 and come with SEO, ADA Compliance and hosting.

A landing page, aka a 1 page website with a form, is $1500.

All websites come with onsite SEO, Hosting and ADA Compliance for 1 year.

We fix people's WordPress sites all the time!

If it wasn't for WordPress, actual website developers would be out of business. Nothing would always be hacked, broken, slow, have limited SEO ability, and copied designs (so you can look like everyone else).

Law firms would be sad because they couldn't sue you for ADA Compliance for tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Do we build websites in them, nope. Friends don't sell friends a shiny turd and call it prime rib.

  • Don't port over the 1.3 million recycled content blogs your previous "SEO" and "Content Marketing" company sold you that only 6 people went to in the past 12 months, nobody local converted from.
  • If you're in the service or contracting industry, don't have a page for each city you work in. A roof in one city is not different or unique from the one you drive 30 mins or 3 hours to. Google knows that.

It costs more to waste time building a ton of pages to copy content Gogle automatically qualifies as "low effort, copied with slight changes, low quality, needs not met" on the page's MC (Main Content) and is given the lowest rank possible