Voice Search '& Listings Management

Kill Your Competition'® 13 Years of Expertise '& Experience

Since Siri launched in 2010, we've offered the industry's best technology and most robust network of quality publishers for voice search and listings management with a single sign on to access them all.

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Voice Search '& Listings Management

Directory Management

Our platform automatically scans, locates, claims and corrects your listings on top Listings and voice search publishers such as Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Maps, Google, Yahoo, Yelp and over 50 more. These listings become locked so no other person or data source can overwrite or alter your information - even if the publisher refreshes their database or users submit suggested edits.

Make Your Voice Search and Listing Worries a Thing of The Past!

Simply give us a call at (813) 625-4740, email us or fill out our simple contact form now.


Pricing Perks

So why go through Kill Your Competition® rather than going directly to Yext, BirdEye, YP or a local media? Simple. Pricing. We pass the savings we get through our partnerships onto you. We value our partners and pass on saving when we can, because we don't have the desire to nickel and dime someone we value.


Set Up and Optimization

We'll fully optimize each location thanks to our 13 years of experience, and we offer additional services such as review response and sentiment reporting.


No More Overwrites!

Reduce your risk of your data from being compromised or overwritten when a publisher refreshes (some of which happen multiple times a day), a random person or angry patient or customer tries to make a disparaging claim like being out of business or temporarily closed, a hacker or AI bot tries to claim your business and make changes.


Maximize Your ROI

Depending on the number of locations you have, you might pay as little as $35.97/month per location for voice search, listings management, sentiment analysis and review response. Review response is integral to your ranking and visibility in Google.