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Radio & Pandora

Effectively Advertise on Radio, Pandora & SoundCloud

We don't get paid differently based on which format you choose, so we don't have a bias based on profit. However, we find that being completely honest about the real capabilities and potential ROI to be gained or lost is why we have over a 95% client retention rate.

The Real Difference Between Traditional Radio and Digital Audio, Pandora.

Local Radio

Local radio can work, but you cannot rely on Nielsen's (who owns Arbitron) measurement of less than 1% of a population to make your decisions about how 99% of the market actually listens. Even worse, they don't verify the household income, household composition, vehicle ownership or intention. They have relied on the same measurement system for radio since the 1950's. Imagine if your home or car was dependent on never improving or changing since then.

We're different in that we focus on real people, your actual customers, their behaviors and solid research based on fact not fiction. We then create ads and campaigns for real people, on the right platforms, with the right alignment and monitor success by measuring branded name recognition gains through Google's search volume tool, leads and sales from direct and branded organic traffic as well as how it impacted assisting other conversions from other media on your Google Analytics.

While the entry level to be successful in any market is typically less than Pandora, you will reach a wider net of potential people. Local radio is often able to really align your brand and reputation locally in a market, has the ability to cross promote you with events as well as strongly tie in effective social media.


Precision Targeting with Pandora & SoundCloud

Its no surprise the Pandora and SoundCloud's partnership has the largest addressable audience out of the all the digital audio options out there in the US. With only 5 minutes per hour of commercials, compared to the excessive amount on Spotify, listeners don't feel pressured to purchase the ad free platform unlike other digital audio models.

Other great perks include verified demographic audiences, sponsored listening which is based on cost per completed engagement using both video and audio. You only pay when your targeted listener engages completely with your ad, and their reward is 1-4 hours of uninterrupted listening, ability to listen to a specific artist or skip more songs.

While the audio may cost more on a CPM basis than local radio, you can ensure your ad is delivered to a very specific audience and follow that audience instead of a station.

Get In Their Ears!

Why Kill Your Competition®

We are one of the first agencies in the US to be Certified by Pandora. This certification covers both local radio and digital audio from ad creative, engagement, research, neurological impact, lead generation, foot traffic and much more. We get it, we create better ads and campaigns, and we can track your impact and success.

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