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Welcome to Kill Your Competition®! Your Business has finally found the ultimate advertising agency to meet all your needs, with the highest level of ethics, customer service and the best pricing available. Unlike media groups and most digital companies, we will never advertise your competitors. We don't offshore, outsource our digital and you will never talk to a bot. Reach out, even by texting us with the blue button in the corner.  We would be happy to hear your thoughts, answer any questions you have and get your started so you can Kill Your Competition®

Advance Certified Waze Partner

Google's Answer to Overpriced, Low ROI Billboard Advertising 

OTT Advertising

Most Effective, Brand Safe Placement

Comscore Partner

TV Ratings from 1 of every 4 Homes with an Experience Household Match and IHS Polk Automotive Data

Giving Back

Almost $40,000 in Donations and 400 Hours of Community Service

Kill Your Competition®

We are an Official, Certified Partner of Google, Podium, Waze and Yext.  We are also a Comscore TV Agency Partner with over 5 years of active experience in using Comscore's TV data with an Experian Household Match and IHS Polk Automotive Data.  

We offer attribution tracking for on air placements.  We are one of the very select few companies who is Google Mobiles Sites Certified.  We bid, buy and place programmatic Search, Display, Mobile, Video and OTT across multiple trade desks with the best research and targeting capabilities such as Comscore, Oracle, Factual and more. 

We only invest in our clients through the most effective and accurate research and data, the education of our team and their well being, and through financial donations, in kind services and extensive hours of volunteer work to some of the best local, regional and global nonprofits and communities who are in need and have limited resources available.  

Learn more about the services we offer, our omni-channel approach, our mission, values and how we can serve you.  


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