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Superior ROI TV & Cable Advertising with Comscore

TV is without question the greatest medium for impact on digital, the customer journey, reach, recall and time spent in the US year after year. Its the lion's share of budget for top advertisers from Google (yeah, Google), Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Expedia, TripAdvisor, WayFair, Adidas, car manufacturers, insurance companies and many more.

TV & Cable Advertising With Comscore

The Scary Thing...

Most agencies are STILL buying and placing TV like they did in the 50's despite the availability of technology that allows them to target advanced demographics and buy them like digital. Some TV stations are still doing the same!


Kill Your Competition® with Comscore

Comscore measures on average 1 of every 4 homes in every zip code in every DMA with an Experian Household match and IHS Polk Automotive Data. Many of our markets we advertise in are measuring 1 of every 2 homes. 25-50% of the market with verified data of advanced audiences that matter.

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The worst part? THEY KNOW and DON'T CARE

Why? Because it costs more to do their job right. They would rather spend less on your business and not have to learn how to use technology available since the mid 2000's. They are choosing the programs to place your ads based on less than 1% of the population's feedback with only age, gender and race and hoping the other 1% surveyed is not fabricating their responses about income, home ownership, auto intention, education, money spent on products and services. This data is comprised of people in AND OUTSIDE of your market, the hope they turn off their set top box AND TV, that everyone pushes the buttons to watch a show, and the dope dealer pagers (no joke, it looks like a flashback to the 90's) they hope they keep on them and not leave around.


The Best Part?

It doesn't cost you a cent more to do it right when you switch to Kill Your Competition® but we might very well be able to save you thousands to millions of dollars on wasted TV and Cable advertising to people outside your service area, don't have the means, interest or ability to use your products or service and focus solely on the right people at the right time.

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