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$30 CPM & Skillfully Managed with a 100% TV Screen Only Guarantee

While the other guys are just catching up (and desperately forcing OTT sales pitches down your throat), we've been managing and optimizing OTT & CTV campaigns since 2017.

You deserve the best experience when advertising on OTT.

CTV is the only OTT that runs exclusively on TV screens on connected TV's. This is without a cable or dish subscription. It can be done on Hulu, Smart TV's, TV Apps like Fox Sports, Samsung channels like Animal Planet, etc.

OTT on CTV, when skillfully managed like a digital marketing campaign that just happens to be running on TV screens, will in fact drive more:

The hard truth is that media groups and marketing companies don't have the skill or capacity to skillfully manage OTT.

While media groups and marketing companies are just catching up (and possibly forcing OTT one sheets and sales pitches down your throat), we have years of experience of managing and optimizing OTT since 2017.

Thankfully not having 1000's of middlemen, shareholders or outsourcing, there are 7 things you can expect when you choose to partner with Kill Your Competition® for your OTT / CTV Campaigns.

Our OTT is exclusively on TV screens. Includes Audience Targeting, Geo Targeting and Dayparting (specifics hours and days you want to run).

Hulu Exclusive buys are $43.75 CPM. This means you only run on Hulu, no where else - not FOX, EPSN, Lifetime, Xumo, etc.

Campaign minimums for your success and ROI on our OTT Platform is is $3000/month or $4375/month for Hulu Exclusive. Both have 100,000 TV Commercial Views / Plays and reach 25,000 - 35,000 people 3-4 times on average.

The other guys charge $40-60 CPM premium with other devices mixed in, no or limited dayparting and runs across channels that may not reflect your idea of brand safe like MTV, MTV 2, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network or children's channels like Nickelodeon.

For real. We respect your time and your needs. Dragging our feet isn't our spiritual gift.

You can change your creative, geo targeting, audience, days and hours it runs at any time. We react in real time for your sales, weather or health events to maximize your return. Sometimes it can be done in just a few minutes!

We evaluate your creative, geo targets, days and hours and optimize it for maximum results based on how many people saw it on TV and took actions on your website or visited your physical location.

Yup, you see what we see. Zips and DMA, VCR, uniques and impressions, dates, device, dayparts, and channels. You can have as many logins as you want. If Grandma or Janitor wants a login, they get a login.

Let's be real, your customer's 4 year old watching Nickelodeon is not your customer, even if the household is, and he isn't going to ask Mom for your products and services. Adult Swim probably isn't the type of content you want to be related with. You probably don't need 15-20% of your OTT streaming on SlingTV (with no clue what they are watching on there) or Spectrum News. And no fake channels (you know channel 213, VUDU, The Pet Collective, etc).

Sign up before Thanksgiving 2023, and we'll give you a $1000 OTT credit when you spend $5000/mo or more on OTT after your 3rd month.

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