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While anyone can pay to have an online story pushed out through PR Web or other similar companies for a few hundred to a thousand dollars or pay thousands for "Sponsored News / Advertorials" which do not give you the same SEO credit as legitimate non paid news per the FTC laws, we do it differently.

Positive On Air & Online News Coverage from Legitimate Outlets.


We maintain positive relationships with the news media in your local market. When we bring a story to them, they trust that the story we are offering has value to the station, magazine or newspaper and their viewers on air and online. As a result of maintaining positive relationships and only giving legitimate news stories for them to cover, our coverage rates, at Kill Your Competition®, are unmatched. The SEO, social media impact, brand impact and ROI on getting your business covered in a non sponsored / non advertorial, actual true news content is unbeatable.


Emergency News Management

Most everyone has been surprised by a news story that was shocking about a business owner, officer of a business or the business itself. It might have been your business or a business you knew. It might have been true, had some truth to it or been anything but true. What matters most isn't what's been said, but how you respond before or after a negative news story crisis. Improper management of a news story, before or after, can cost your businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions.

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our Emergency News Management Services have averted numerous stories from ever reaching on air, print or online coverage thanks to our team's extensive experience in working with the news for almost 15 years. We work closely not only with the news but also with your company's legal team. We work to ensure your side of the story is told, substantiated with facts and holds your business and team in a positive light no matter what the circumstances are.

Once the news portion is properly handled by either having the story dropped or making sure your business is left in as positive of a light as possible, we also help your business cultivate a plan for a positive image that shows the integrity and care of your business to its customers and community that is reasonable for your business to fulfill.

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