Free Advertising & Marketing Help During the Coronavirus

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Free Advertising & Marketing Help During the Coronavirus

Free Marketing and Advertising Help

Free 30 Min Session - No Strings Attached - Marketing Consultation to Protect Your Brand and Value, Retain Business and Grow Your Business During the Coronavirus.

Our Marketing Director, Jessica Reyna, personally has 14 years experience of doing this for healthcare, automotive, home improvement, retail, construction, housing, travel, legal and more during financial crisis and natural disasters and almost 15 active certifications, partnerships and awards from companies like Google, Waze, Podium and Comscore, Inc. and more.  She has been a repeat speaker for Comscore's annual users conference to help station executives, managers, AE's and agencies with marketing research, omni channel marketing, budgeting and media placement.  She has been published by Comscore.  Jessica has been a guest speaker for Borrell Associates Weekly Podcast regarding what media works.  Gordon Borrell said of the podcast, "It remains one of the most-listened-to podcasts we've done."

We at Kill Your Competition are providing this free service because we know how important it is to put forth confidence for consumers because like any crisis or disaster, the storm will pass, the local economy and jobs must be supported and people still need almost every service.

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