Free Ad Agency Marketing Help During COVID19

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Free Ad Agency Marketing Help During COVID19
Navigate the Waves with Confidence

Free Marketing and Advertising Help

Free 90 Min Session - No Strings Attached - Marketing Consultation to Protect Your Brand and Value, Retain Business and Grow Your Business During a Highly Charged Year.

  • Strategy
  • Targeting
  • Messaging
  • Effectivity
  • Lead Generation

Why We Are Offering Free Marketing and Advertising Help

We are providing this free service because we know how important it is to put forth confidence for consumers because like any crisis or disaster, the storm will pass, the local economy, local businesses and jobs must be supported.

Our Qualifications and Experience

We have almost 15 of years successful experience in providing qualified leads and sales for contractors, dealerships, funeral homes, healthcare, home improvement, housing, legal, retail and tourism and travel including during financial crisis and natural disasters.  

Holding over 15 active unique certifications, partnerships and awards from companies like Google, Pandora, Waze, Podium, Yext and Comscore, Inc. and more, you can draw on trusted, unbiased expertise.

Trusted Expert with the Top Global Media Companies

Our Marketing Director, Jessica Reyna, is a repeat guest speaker for Comscore, the global authority on media measurement on every screen, as well as a multi time guest speaker for Borrell Associates, one of the most recognized and respected national advertising and market research firms used by agencies, media groups and private companies. 

She has spoken with Pandora, Google, Podium, News in top 20 markets, Premion, Cox Media Group and more to industry associations, national franchises and top 20 markets SMBs.

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