Effective OTT Advertising on Hulu, Roku, FEP, CTV & More


Effective OTT Advertising on Hulu, Roku, FEP, CTV & More


OTT is Over-The-Top-TV.  It is not random videos on YouTube, Podcasts, or Pre-roll, Mid-Roll, etc.  Many companies still try to package in these other online videos which cost less, are skippable and easy to gain impressions. Kill Your Competition® has been successfully managing OTT for since 2017, and has experience working with publishers directly as well as OTT ad network publishing.

Our OTT Promise to Your Business is Simple and Unique:

We Protect Your Brand 

This is the most overlooked and unspoken topic on OTT.  Many providers will not restrict your brand from running your ads in graphic violence, graphic sexual violence, graphic sex or nudity, graphic drug use, etc.  You do not want your brand associated with these things, and media groups using the "excuse" of who cares if your customer is watching is non-excusable. 

No Weird Hours for Impressions 

Stop paying to run from midnight to 5am.  Unless you are a criminal defense attorney, sleep study or mattress company, this audience is not for you. Run when your business's potential customers will not only be watching but can respond to the information you are giving them.

Pure OTT on Connected TVs

We will not bundle your campaign with cheap online video or air on devices such as mobile, tablets, desktops or laptops.  Just TV screens where ad recall is the greatest.

Audience Focus Over Program 

Instead of getting sucked into stereotypes that cable has helped develop over the years such as Hispanics only watch Spanish speaking TV programs, loads of women and people interested home improvement watch HGTV or more people watch CNN than Fox News, at Kill Your Competition®, we focus on facts and finding the audience you want and will best respond to your message.  We also eliminate non paid ad supported OTT services should your product or service's target audience have income as a factor.

Programmatic OTT 

If you are spending a significant budget of $25,000 or more on OTT each month, consider having it switch to programmatic for deeper targeting capabilities.


Understand the impact of viewers watching your ads on OTT.  We identify and match behavior to your website from matching the same IP addresses from every device in the viewer's home, remove duplicate visits and even track the foot traffic to your store if you have a physical brick and mortar location.

Crystal Clear Pricing

Know exactly what you will get from Kill Your Competition® in regards to audience, placement and pricing.  OTT works just like TV or Radio with the 15% agency standard - ensuring 85% of your campaign meets the digital TV airwaves.

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