How to Effectively Advertise on Radio, Pandora & SoundCloud

Radio & Pandora

How to Effectively Advertise on Radio, Pandora & SoundCloud

The Real Difference Between Traditional Radio and Digital Audio, Pandora

We don't get paid differently based on which format you choose, so we don't have a bias based on profit. However, we find that being completely honest about the real capabilities and potential ROI to be gained or lost is why we have over a 95% client retention rate.

Radio Still Relies on Unverified Demos and Market Samples Sizes <1% 

Besides everything you know about people flipping channels to hear music they want or the dismissal of 100's of DJ's from stations nationwide at iHeart, giving more reason for listeners to change the station when a break occurs, what you might not know is the dinosaur method still being touted as ratings and data for radio. Over the air, traditional radio still relies on the antiquated ratings system from Arbitron / Nielsen that measures less than 1% of a population and says that is an accurate rating of age/gender/race listenership.  To get lifetstyle information such as income, homeownership, auto intenders, household composition and education, it is 100% dependent on surveys with extremely small sample sizes of 1-3% of a population without any verification of factual truth to their survey answers.  While there is no other "rating" system than the same one since the 50's that measure 500-1000 people on average, even if your market has millions of people, it's all that is out there.

Precision Targeting with Pandora and Sound Cloud

With 50% of adult Americans listening to digital audio each day, 19 hours a month is spent on Pandora and over 10 hours a month is spent on Sound Cloud.  

Of the 120 Million digital audience listeners according the world's most trusted data source, Comscore, 93 Million are listening to the ad supported platform of Pandora and Sound Cloud.  Thanks to creating only 5 minutes per hour of commercials, compared to up to 17 minutes of ads per hour on radio (what drives the channel flipping), listeners don't feel pressured to purchase the ad free platform unlike other digital audio models. 

Other perks?  How about precision targeting with Epsilon, Neustar and Acxiom that far exceeds Nielsen's capabilities by light years. How about the ability to get real, not hypothetical reach and frequency, since Nielsen has never had the technological ability to verify and track frequency on radio?  How about the fact you don't have to pay more to get your full 30 second spot on? Okay, we know we shouldn't, but yes, you can track the impact of your ads on Google Analytics.  

Why Us?

We have a close relationship with Pandora and Sound Cloud, that matched with our verified data driven and advanced digital expertise allows us to create the best campaigns with the most ROI possible.  

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