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Social media is not a one size fits all solution. For some industries, it's about controlling the conversation - particularly when the industry is often in the news or impacted by current events.

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For some online retailers, its the most effective means to reach people about their products and sell them. For others, its a way to drive traffic to their location by letting people know about their latest and greatest new menu items who are aren't actively searching for or planning to eat out. Let's not forget about showing off your latest workmanship, inviting people to your latest event or announcing a major case you've won.



o matter what your business goals are or your industry type, at Kill Your Competition®, we can help you tap into a specific plan that actually works to meet and exceed your business goals. We never assume what works for one business, even in the same town, is the right plan for yours. Each business and each market is unique. We also are fully aware of the latest user data for each social media, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. so you can focus your efforts where your best opportunities are.

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We primarily offer social media advertising with ads, but can also offer you content generation that makes sense and ensuring all your posts are shared across the most relevant platforms for your business goals.

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