Start Advertising on Waze with the Trusted Waze Partner


Start Advertising on Waze with the Trusted Waze Partner

What is Waze? Does Google Own it?

Waze is owned by Google and part of the Google Ads ecosystem as a platform strictly focused on drivers, unlocking the in-car opportunity.  Waze is uniquely positioned to capture the "digital dark zone" of the car. The goal of Waze is to get the word out about your business, get people to your business or to call your business by reaching them in critical moments and opportunities.

Save Tens of Thousands Compared to Outdoor

Save thousands to hundreds of thousands on traditional and digital billboards and dramatically increase your return on ad spend when you switch to Waze. Unlike overpriced billboards, there are no long term contracts! 

Who Uses Waze?

Waze is the #2 Navigation App in the Apple Play Store and the #3 Navigation app in the Google Play Store. The average Wazer's household income is $75,000.  46% are Adults 35-54, and 15% are over 50 years of age. Suburban users make up 50% and urban users make up 23%. Over half are married, and women and men are almost equally split with 46% of Wazers being women.

What is the Average Cost per Conversion?

Our performance for destinations from coffee shops to new construction home tours from the 500's is between $2-$3 per navigation. Our average cost per call for services such as roofing, plumbing, air conditioning and health care are $25-$50. 

Local Wazers

Perfect for local businesses looking to drive new calls, more navigations and awareness.  Choose from Call Now or Drive There Ads.

  • $3 CPM
  • Promoted Search & Branded Pins
  • 100,000 Impressions
  • 3 Month Minimum

Waze Amped

Capitalize on all of the best ads and features from zero speed takeover billboards, tailored push notifications and customized CTA's (call to action).

  • $16 CPM
  • Takeovers, Promoted Search and Branded Pins
  • 240,000 Impressions
  • Month to Month

Waze Billboard Dominator

Crush it with 100% digital billboards through Zero Speed Takeovers dedicated to drive specific CTA.  

  • $25 CPM
  • 100% Takeover Ads
  • 180,000 Impressions
  • Month to Month

Get Started

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